“What an awesome week! Thanks for all your hard work coaches.”

Jenny attended a training week in March 2016 with some other athletes from her club. In only her first year of triathlon, Jenny has just qualified to represent GB at the World Championships in Cozumel.

— Jenny W

“Thank you for putting up with me and my wobbly moments! Bring on the 2016 races.”

Sherri mastered cycling cleats on her week in Mallorca. A novice cyclist & triathlete, she tackled some impressive climbs and headed back to the UK ready for the 2016 race season. 

— Sherri T-C

Superb week! Loved every minute of it. Can't wait for the next one! 
— Tom G, GB Athlete

“Such a great week, thanks to you all for your hard work to make it possible. Very positive way for us all to start our season, can't wait to get racing!”

— Rich T

“A big thanks to my group for lots of laughs and banter along the way. Also to Santi for big confidence boosting in my cycling - and all the wheels and toes I followed”

— Gill B